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My aim is to improve the lives of people who consider themselves as marginalised by empowering and inspiring you to be your best self, thereby positively shaping your future.

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Last year I was awarded a 

British Empire Medal

British Empire Medal

British Empire Medal


I have always been passionate about social justice and empowering young people to create positive change in their communities. This passion has led me to RAFFA International Development Agency, where I have had the opportunity to put my skills, knowledge, and talents to good use in supporting marginalised communities.


Through my work at RAFFA, I have been able to make a tangible impact in the lives of those in need. Whether it's through advocating for better access to education, healthcare, or economic opportunities, I have been able to contribute to the empowerment of marginalised communities.


As RAFFA has provided me with the platform to not only support these communities but also to work alongside like-minded individuals who are equally passionate about social justice and making a difference in the world.


I am grateful for the opportunities that RAFFA has provided me and look forward to continuing to utilise my skills and knowledge to support communities in need and promote social action.

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Angela Clarke

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